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Quick, easy access to your health. Wherever your day takes you.


Ceres uses multi-sensor technology to reveal with accuracy what’s happening with your cycle. Whether you’re trying to conceive, use natural family planning or simply better understand your body, Ceres pairs with your phone to provide real-time data with unmatched accuracy.


Wear Nude under that once-in-a while backless white dress or discreet Black together with your favourite black bra.

Why use Celesstia
as part of your daily routine?

Track changes
in your body

Celesstia products scan for changes in your breasts. This data can help you take control of your health and life


Stay physically healthy & fit

Track your activity levels, heartrate and other vital signs and share with your doctor.

Evie product and
tech requirements

Tech requirements sound intimidating. We’re here to show you, that you likely already have everything you need to use Evie inserts. If you don’t, its simple to get up to speed with no confusing or expensive downloads.


Celesstia Evie inserts connect to your phone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Bluetooth connectivity means:

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Longer battery life
  • No Radiation exposure
  • Real time results


You can view all of the information collected by Evie on the Celesstia Health app.
The app will be free to download on both the Google Play Store and Apple App store; however we do charge a small monthly fee to securely store your data.

Product size

We know all women aren’t the exact same shape and size, and we’re happy for it! Evie comes in an array of sizes. Find your fit:
Size: Cup:

App compatibility

Make sure your phone is running the minimum software requirements listed below.
Andorid iOS
4.3 or newer 8.0 or newer


Gives women a way to take charge of their own breast health

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